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Spiral Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor
Spiral Conveyor

Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors offer an effective conveyor solution when the inclining or declining of products is required in an area where floor space is at a premium.

Spirals are also beneficial for buffering or accumulation with line stoppages or when short stops are required to alter machines or replace consumables such as un-erected cartons or flow wrapper rolls.

Spiral Conveyor Features

Easy maintenance and cleaning

The open design of the conveyors gives clear access for maintenance and wash down. This means reduced maintenance costs and better sanitation.

Exceptional belt design for easy cleaning

The open double slotted belt design prevents trapping of food in the hinge area between the rod and the module. This belt design delivers superior sanitation characteristics.

No Lubrication required

The belt has stainless guide bearings thus enabling a lubrication free operation.

Superior Product handling

The all plastic contact surface ensures good product release of unpacked food products such as meat, fish and poultry. The open belt design offers an open area of up to 67% when expanded.

Low operating costs

Lower cost of ownership is realised through the use of quality components and materials in its construction. This delivers a long spiral lifetime and the benefits of low maintenance costs.

Longer belts, fewer transfers

The use of bearings ensures a low coefficient of friction and enables up to 50 metres of belt to be driven by one motor. Longer belts means fewer transfers and lower risk of the products becoming damaged


The MS1 has a proven track record in wash down environments. The rigid construction and strong belt with stainless support rods maximise the spirals up time improving production efficiencies

Space saving

The MS1 spirals have a compact design with a curve radius of 1.5 x the turn ratio of the belt. This allows a small foot print reducing the amount of space taken on your factory floor.

Belt Width Inside Radius Usable Width Frame OD
305mm 458mm 285mm 1581mm
406mm 609mm 386mm 2086mm
508mm 762mm 488mm 2596mm
610mm 915mm 590mm 3106mm
660mm 990mm 640mm 3356mm