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Gallery - Topper Lift Conveyor
Gallery - Topper Lift Conveyor
Gallery - Topper Lift Conveyor
Gallery - Topper Lift Conveyor

Topper Lift Conveyor

The topper lift conveyor is designed for lowering or elevating a product. The topper lift can use the same belt below and above the product, or a combination of high-friction and conventional chain types.

The upper chain drapes down and rides on the lower transport conveyor, acting as a moving top keeper and allowing a much steeper angle of incline or decline. The conveyor system can operate at angles up to 70°, the product's size, borientation, and rate all help to determine the maximum angle of elevation change.

Generally speaking, the thinner the product, the steeper the angle can be. The steep angles achievable with the topper lift conveyor system results in a compact footprint.

Besides its other advantages, the topper lift also preserves your product's orientation coming out of a spiral cooler or other application. By the topper lift's holding action, the incoming pattern is preserved upon discharge. Product will enter the Topper Lift, undergo its elevation change, and then exit in the same orientation in which it was received.

Conveyor Features

  • Elevation of products in a tight area
  • Product orientation maintained during transport
  • No additional guides required
  • No change parts
  • Can deal with varying pack sizes or bagged products