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Qimarox ProRunner MK5 Vertical Conveyor Product Lift

ProRunner MK5 ® Vertical Conveyor

The MK5 offers greater flexibility with a continuous vertical loop or paternoster style operation. Utilising multiple product carriers, the MK5 can elevate products up to heights of 20 metres.

Two carrier types are available allowing up to 25Kg or 50Kg (HD version) product weight capacity. The recently released XL version can handle product sizes 900mm x 900mm weighing up to 100Kg. Again multiple levels can be achieved whether elevating or descending products.

The reliability of both the MK1 and MK5 is proven over many installations, with both units requiring minimal maintenance to ensure trouble free operation.

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Qimarox ProRunner MK1 Verticl Conveyor Product Lift

ProRunner MK1 ® Product Lift

The vertical elevators offer two solutions depending on the application and capacity required. The MK1 offers a simple elevating solution, handling one product at a time.

It can elevate the product from 0.4m up to 10m, stopping at multiple levels if required. The MK1 can carry a total load, including the carrier / conveyor of 200kg, and offers excellent value for money.

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Qimarox HighRunner High-Speed Palletising

HighRunner ® High-Speed Palletiser

The MK7 palletisers now allow Arnott Conveyors to supply a complete end of line solution for our customers.

Taking cartons or cases, we can elevate them to high level saving on important factory floor space and convey them to the in feed of the MK7 palletisers.

The MK7 can handle product sizes from 150x100x100 up to 600x400x400 with a layer weight up to 180Kg. Both Euro and Chep pallets can be accommodated. The capacity depends on the geometry of the products and the pattern of products per layer. These patterns can be easily programmed via a touch screen HMI.

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